Foldable LED P12mm

Foldable LED is a new product which is composed of many small LED modules which are connected together and can be folded 180 degrees.

Pixel pitch: 12 mm
Pixel density: 6944 pixels /m²
Power consumption: average 75 W/m²
Module size 192 x 192 mm
Single panel Dimensions (WxH): W 0.768m x H 3.072m (recommended single panel, other sizes are available and panels can be connected vertically and horizontally to make a large LED wall
Pixel configuration: tri-color RGB LEDs, type SMD 3528
Power Power input AC 100V to 240V, working power DC 5V
Transparency rate: 5%
Display port: DVI/HDMI, software: XMplayer (from DBstar)
Display mode: synchronous to video source
Drive mode: 1/8
Screen resolution: rec. 1024 x 768, max. 1280 x 1024
Brightness: 1300 cd/m² (nits)
Viewing angle: 120°
Frame rate: 60 Hz
Data refresh rate: 12000 Hz
Colors: 16.7 million (R 256, G 256, B 256)
Protection rating: IP 43 / IP54 (waterproof)
Operating temperature: -30 to 60 °C
Humidity: 10 to 90 %
Weight: 9 kg/m²

Size available:
0.192×1=0.192m (16pixels), 0.192×2=0.384m (32pixels), 0.192×3=0.576m (48pixels), 0.192×4=0.768m (64pixels), 0.192×5=0.96m (80pixels), 0.192×6=1.152m (96pixels), 0.192×7=1.344m (112pixels), 0.192×8=1.536m (128pixels), 0.192×9=1.728m (144pixels), 0.192×10=1.92m (160pixels), 0.192×11=2.112m (176pixels), 0.192×12=2.304m (192pixels), 0.192×13=2.496m (208pixels), 0.192×14=2.688m (224pixels), 0.192×15=2.88m (240pixels), 0.192×16=3.072m (256pixels), … 0.192xN (N>=32)

Recommend size: 3.072m (256pixels) height, 0.768m (64pixels) width.

Recommended Application: Because of the light weight, slim body, high refresh rate clear image and fast installation, it is mainly used for mobile stage, road show, music tours and events

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