Outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor LED Screens by FM Digital are made with the highest quality component & materials, which manifests in a longer lifespan and signs remain bright and vibrant for years. Our electronic billboards are also built to withstand even the harshest climates, including high humidity, snow, hail, rain, etc.


  • FM Digital have established a great reputation for successfully providing many LED displays to customers in Australia and abroad. We have proven to have engineered superior quality LED displays and have developed in-house, proprietary software, while also offering unmatched technical service & support.
  • FM Digital designs vibrant, clear, and intriguing digital billboards with superior craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. Proprietary and web-based software is also included with each billboard. Digital billboards are a very lucrative investment for companies seeking to establish their brand and recruit new business.

Ideal for

  • Ideal for Outdoor applications
  • Suitable spaces include;

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